ESP 2100 - Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy I

Engages in a scientific approach to the physical, ecological, social, and political principles of environmental science; uses a scientific method to analyze and understand the relation between humans and the natural environment. Focuses on how ecological realities and human desires to increase their material standard of living often clash, leading to environmental degradation. Provides an analytical framework and a set of concepts that can be used to analyze environmental issues, to guide one's life, and to clarify our responsibility to future generations; accomplished through lectures and exams, discussions, and laboratory experiences that include field trips and original data collection. Teaching environmental activism is not the purpose of the course. Laboratory/field studies. Not open to students who have earned credit for ESP 2000. Additional course fee required. Falls. Prerequisite(s): Environmental Science and Policy majors or permission of Department Chair. Corequisite(s): ESP 1500.
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