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ORBIOL 5141 - Systemic Human Physiology 1

As the first of two courses in the systemic Human Physiology series, this course is organized to provide a basic foundation for the dental student that explains 1) how each organ functions in the body; and 2) how all the organs work together as one functional unit to maintain body homeostasis with a recognition that any deviations from this normal organ functions would lead to organ failure of these systems. The topics covered in the systemic Human Physiology 1 course include: nervous system, muscular system, cardiovascular system, urinary system and respiratory organ system. Oral implications of systemic physiology are introduced. The goals of the course are therefore to provide an opportunity for the dental students to learn the principles of cellular and systemic organ functions; apply these principles and concepts to explain the significance of normal human physiology; and identify deviation(s) from normal organ functions that can affect dental treatments, thus establishing a foundation for the practice of dental
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