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LIS 2000
Information, Data, And Society
LIS 2005
Knowledge Organization
LIS 2020
Lifecycles Of Data And Information
LIS 2021
Identifying Information Needs Of Knowledge Organizations
LIS 2022
Implementing Solutions For Knowledge Organizations
LIS 2030
Data And Information In Systems
LIS 2184
Intellectual Property And "Open" Movements
LIS 2186
Information Policy
LIS 2194
Information Ethics
LIS 2214
Library And Archival Preservation
LIS 2220
Archives And Records Management
LIS 2222
Archival Appraisal
LIS 2322
Resources For Children
LIS 2323
Resources For Young Adults
LIS 2325
Curriculum Resource And Service/School Library
LIS 2326
LIS 2332
Resources And Services For Adults
LIS 2500
Reference Sources And Services
LIS 2600
Introduction To Information Technologies
LIS 2610
Library And Archival Computing
LIS 2633
Technology In The Lives Of Children And Youth
LIS 2640
Instructional Design
LIS 2674
Preserving Digital Culture
LIS 2679
Technologies For Data Preservation And Data Forensics
LIS 2690
Information Visualization
LIS 2700
Managing And Leading Information Services
LIS 2771
Academic Libraries
LIS 2774
School Library Media Center Management
LIS 2830
Community Engagement And Advocacy For Information Services
LIS 2850
Information Professionals Role In Teaching And Learning
LIS 2901
Individual Research 1
LIS 2902
Individual Research 2
LIS 2921
Field Experience
LIS 2922
Practicum In School Library Media Programs
LIS 2923
Practicum School District Library Media Programs
LIS 2970
Special Topics
LIS 3300
Seminars In Research Methods
LIS 3600
Seminar Information Systems And Technology
LIS 3901
Individual Research 1
LIS 3902
Individual Research 2
LIS 3950
Teaching Practicum
LIS 3999
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