INTL 349U - Gender And Intl Development

Course Description: Examines how the material benefits of globalization and development projects are not shared equally across gender(s). Evaluates how development theory and practice address poverty, health, environment, sexuality, population, domestic/paid work. Also examines the emergence of civil society; patterns of violence and political participation globally. This is the same course as WS 349U and may be taken only once for credit. Section Notes: This course is Fully Online and requires you to have an ODIN account. To create an ODIN account and get instruction for its activation, go to You must be enrolled in the class before you can access the course in D2L. You should be able to access the course online no later than the first day of the term. Fully online courses are assessed an online learning fee of $35 per credit.
Gender/Sexualities St Cluster, Distribution: Social Science
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