TCH 296Z - Ecuador with a Cause: Service Learning and Cultural Program


Course Description:This course integrates civic engagement and service with cultural immersion and study abroad. The course is designed for students wishing to provide service to others and acquire global experiences that will enrich their personal, academic, and professional lives. The course consists of two components: The first component of the course is tutoring elementary children in a rural Ecuadorian school; the tutoring will occur throughout the subject areas and during school hours. The second component is learning about the social and cultural heritage of Ecuador; Pace students will study the historical and contemporary forces influencing Ecuador through selected readings, visits to selected sites (cities, villages, and natural), and participate in campus-based and on­ site seminars.

Area of Knowledge I, Area of Knowledge III, Civic Engagmnt & Public Values, Service Learning, Travel Course, World Traditions & Cultures
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