TCH 222 - Hollywood's Representation of Schooling:A Critical Analysis of Film's Portrayal of Teachers,Students


Course Description: Movies entertain, inform, and shape viewers' thoughts about everyday phenomena. In this course, students will analyze how movies represent teachers, students, and classroom life. The goals of the course are to (1) acquire strategies of critical literacy and critical media literacy that can be applied to movies; (2) discover how artistic skills and strategies for composing movies position viewers' understanding of teaching and classroom life; (3) acquire an understanding of how movies' portrayal of schools has evolved over time to represent stereotyped ways of thinking about education, teachers, and students. The course examines historical and contemporary movies, including fiction and non-fiction, short and full-length features. This course is designed as an AOK 4 and Writing Enhanced course (WEC).

Area of Knowledge IV, Humanistic & Creative Expressn, Writing-Enhanced
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