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THEA 110
Introduction to Performance
THEA 120
Introduction to Technical Theater
THEA 121
Production Laboratory
THEA 122
Intensive Production Laboratory
THEA 130
Modern Dance
THEA 133
Tai Chi
THEA 134
Beginning Ballet
THEA 142
Folk and Historical Dance
THEA 175
Introduction to Design
THEA 204
Comedy and Social Change
THEA 210
Acting 1
THEA 211
Performance Laboratory
THEA 212
THEA 215
Acting for the Camera
THEA 234
Intermediate Ballet
THEA 237
Intermediate Choreography
THEA 245
Stage Makeup
THEA 260
Children's Theater, 3rd Grade
THEA 261
Children's Theater, 5th Grade
THEA 290
Topic: Reframe the Game - Strategies for a More Inclusive Am...
THEA 310
Acting 2: Scene Study
THEA 311
Intensive Performance Laboratory
THEA 315
Musical Theater Performance
THEA 320
Advanced Technical Theater
THEA 330
Producing the Live Event
THEA 370
Costume Design
THEA 410
THEA 490
Senior Seminar
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