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WGS 1003
Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 2970
Gender And Sexuality
WGS 3043
WGS 3123
Social Justice and Social Change
WGS 3133
Medieval Women
WGS 3220
Gender Personality & Comm
WGS 3233
Women Creating Social Change
WGS 3253
Men and Masculinity
WGS 3263
LGBTQ Movements
WGS 3273
Queer Theory
WGS 3353
Race, Class & Gender
WGS 3413
Body Image Vs. Reality
WGS 3423
Women and Sports
WGS 3443
Gender & Interpersonal Comm
WGS 3453
Women's Psychosocial Dev
WGS 3473
Red Dirt Women and Power
WGS 3483
Domestic Violence and the Law
WGS 3513
Gender, Law and Human Rights
WGS 3563
Gender And Global Politics
WGS 3703
Female Heroism in Hollywood
WGS 3713
Gender and James Bond
WGS 3810
Reproductive Law & Justice
WGS 3813
Gender & Employ Discr Law
WGS 3933
History-Early Mod Witch-Hunt
WGS 3943
Women' Health
WGS 3953
Women and the Law
WGS 3960
Honors Reading (HONORS)
WGS 3973
Divorce Law and Social Implications
WGS 3980
Honors Research (HONORS)
WGS 3983
Women, Girls & Crime (Crosslisted with Sociology 3983)
WGS 4003
Women's and Gender Studies Senior Capstone
WGS 4013
WGS Internship
WGS 4023
Social Justice Internship
WGS 4120
LGBTQ History and Performance
WGS 4123
Contemporary Feminist Thought
WGS 4473
Women and Mental Health
WGS 4913
Senior Thesis
WGS 4960
Directed Readings
WGS 4970
Latina Feminism & Sexuality
WGS 4990
Independent Study
WGS 5001
Women & Gender Studies Colloq
WGS 5013
Graduate Internship
WGS 5123
Contemporary Feminist Thought
WGS 5960
Directed Readings
WGS 5970
Creative Practice To Find Home
WGS 5990
Independent Study
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