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PE 2011
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
PE 2113
Statics and Dynamics
PE 2153
Mechanics of Materials
PE 2213
PE 2281
Engineering Co-Op Program
PE 3022
Technical Communications
PE 3123
Petroleum Reservoir Fluids
PE 3213
Reservoir Rock Properties
PE 3221
Rock Properties Laboratory
PE 3222
Petroleum Engineering Practice II (Internship)
PE 3223
Fluid Mechanics
PE 3313
Drilling I
PE 3413
Production Engineering I
PE 3440
Mentored Research Experience
PE 3513
Reservoir Engineering I
PE 3712
Petroleum Economics
PE 3723
Numerical Methods for Engineering Computation
PE 3813
Formation Evaluation with Well Logs
PE 3980
Honors Research
PE 4033
Oil, Gas and Environmental Law
PE 4113
Oil Field Development
PE 4323
Drilling II
PE 4331
Drilling Engineering Laboratory
PE 4423
Production Engineering II
PE 4521
Reservoir Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
PE 4533
Reservoir Engineering II
PE 4553
Integrated Reservoir Management
PE 4563
Well Test Analysis
PE 4583
Improved Recovery Techniques
PE 4712
Petroleum Project Evaluation
PE 4970
Artificail Lift Technologies
PE 4990
Special Studies
PE 5243
Introduction to Rock Mechanics
PE 5353
Advanced Drilling
PE 5423
Advanced Stimulation
PE 5433
Horizontal Well Technology
PE 5523
Advanced Production Engineering
PE 5553
Integrated Reservoir Management
PE 5563
Mathematical Simulation Models
PE 5573
Well Test Analysis
PE 5583
Improved Recovery Techniques
PE 5603
Introduction to Natural Gas Engineering and Management
PE 5613
Natural Gas Engineering
PE 5623
Natural Gas Processing
PE 5643
Natural Gas Finance Valuation and Investment
PE 5653
Natural Gas Finance Trading and Risk Management
PE 5970
Completion and Workover
PE 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
PE 5990
Special Studies
PE 6273
Advanced Rock Mechanics II
PE 6283
Seismic Reservoir Modeling
PE 6573
Advanced Reservoir Engineering
PE 6583
Enhanced Oil Recovery
PE 6970
Transport Phenomena
PE 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
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