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MTHR 1102
Tap Foundations
MTHR 1112
Tap I
MTHR 1402
Jazz Foundations
MTHR 1442
Jazz I
MTHR 1501
Music Theory Notation
MTHR 1502
Studio Voice I
MTHR 1551
Sight Reading and Theory
MTHR 1713
Understanding Musical Theatre
MTHR 1911
Rehearsal and Production
MTHR 2101
Performance Practicum
MTHR 2112
Tap II
MTHR 2122
MTHR 2222
Core Practice
MTHR 2442
Jazz II
MTHR 2502
Studio Voice II
MTHR 2552
Singing for the Stage
MTHR 3112
MTHR 3142
Song Study I
MTHR 3143
History of American Musical Theatre
MTHR 3152
Song Study II
MTHR 3162
Repertoire I
MTHR 3172
Repertoire II
MTHR 3182
Musical Scenes I
MTHR 3192
Musical Scenes II
MTHR 3442
Jazz III
MTHR 3502
Studio Voice III
MTHR 3980
Honors Research
MTHR 4101
Advanced Performance Practicum
MTHR 4112
Tap IV
MTHR 4172
Theatre Dance Styles I
MTHR 4173
MTHR 4182
Theatre Dance Styles II
MTHR 4183
Capstone Experience
MTHR 4190
MTHR 4252
Advanced Tap
MTHR 4442
Jazz IV
MTHR 4502
Studio Voice IV
MTHR 4970
Grant Writing for the Arts
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