METR 4911 - Senior Seminar (Capstone)

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in 3123, 3223. With 4922, satisfies Capstone course requirement. The instructor will guide senior meteorology majors through planning of a research project. Interdisciplinary topics are encouraged and library work will be required. Students will be paired with regular or adjunct faculty mentors. Senior doctoral students may serve as mentors with permission from the instructor. The result of 4911 will be a mini-proposal which will serve as a guide for the senior research project. In addition, the instructor may present professional skills useful during job search, early employment, and graduate school application and attendance. Note that METR 4922 should be taken following this course. (F, Sp) [V]
Atmos Geo Course, Gen Ed-Senior Capstone, Course meets Liberal Arts req, Norman Upper Div Crse, Undergrad Atmos & Geo Crse, Undergrad Upper Division Crse
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