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METR 4543 - Global Climate Change

(Slashlisted with METR 5543) Prerequisite: One of the following: METR 1014, METR 2013, METR 2603, METR 2903, CEES 1112, GEOG 1114, GEOG 1203, GEOG 3023, GEOL 1034, GEOL 1104, GEOL 1114, GEOL 2014, or permission or instructor. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change assesses the scientific and socio-economic information relevant for understanding the risk of human-induced climate change. This interdisciplinary class will use readings, student-led presentations and roundtable discussions of the in-situ observations, as well as modeling of the atmosphere, oceans, ice, carbon, clouds and radiative forcing to understand the next 100-years of climate change. No student may earn credit for both 4543 and 5543. (Sp)
Atmos Geo Course, Norman Upper Div Crse, Course is slash-listed, Undergrad Atmos & Geo Crse, Undergrad Upper Division Crse
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