METR 2011 - Intro to METR I Lab (HONORS)

Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in Math 1823 or 1914; corequisite: METR 2013, Math 2423 or 2924 and Physics 2514 or 1205. Reinforces the theoretical concepts provided in the counterpart lecture course Meteorology 2013, which introduces students to important phenomena and physical processes that occur in the earth's atmosphere. Through a series of laboratory exercises, students will learn the basic concepts and tools that are used to study atmospheric problems. Special emphasis will be placed on developing information technology and computational skills. The laboratory exercises target the topics covered in the lecture component. (F, Sp) [II-LAB]
Atmos Geo Course, Honors course, Undergrad Lower Division Crse, Course meets Liberal Arts req, Norman Lower Div Crse, Gen Ed-Natural Science w/lab, Undergrad Atmos & Geo Crse
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