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LSLC 3113
Lifespan Development
LSLC 3133
Lifespan Health
LSLC 3153
Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care
LSLC 3173
Human Service Administration I
LSLC 3203
Care of Infant and Child
LSLC 3223
Problems of the American Family
LSLC 3273
Management of Infant and Child Care Facilities
LSLC 3313
Issues in Adolescence I
LSLC 3333
Career and Life Development for Adolescents
LSLC 3373
Management of Adolescent Residential Care Facilities
LSLC 3403
Issues in Geriatrics I
LSLC 3423
Biology of Human Aging
LSLC 3473
Management of Geriatric Care Facilities
LSLC 3953
Lifespan Capstone Prospectus
LSLC 4063
Issues in Lifespan Research
LSLC 4193
Human Service Budgeting and Finance
LSLC 4203
Parenting: Different Models
LSLC 4313
Issues in Adolescence II
LSLC 4403
Issues in Geriatrics II
LSLC 4513
Registered Behavior Technician Preparatory Course
LSLC 4700
Human Services Admin II
LSLC 4953
Lifespan Study-in-Depth
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