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LSCJ 2283
Introduction to Criminal Justice
LSCJ 3063
Statistics in Criminal Justice
LSCJ 3113
Comparative Justice Systems
LSCJ 3133
Theories of Criminal Behavior
LSCJ 3173
Deviance and Social Control
LSCJ 3203
Criminal Justice Administration
LSCJ 3223
American Judicial Processes
LSCJ 3233
Restor Justice & Special Court
LSCJ 4123
Introduction to Forensic Science/Criminalistics
LSCJ 4143
Drugs and Society
LSCJ 4233
Community Policing and Problem Solving
LSCJ 4243
Police and Policing
LSCJ 4253
Private Policing: Corporate Security in the 21st Century
LSCJ 4263
The American Correctional System
LSCJ 4403
Criminal Investigation
LSCJ 4423
Cyberspace Security
LSCJ 4443
Juvenile Delinquency
LSCJ 4463
Homeland/Global Security and Justice
LSCJ 4700
Human Trafficking
LSCJ 5063
Research Methods for Criminal Justice
LSCJ 5113
Theoretical Foundations of Criminal Justice
LSCJ 5133
Criminal Justice Policy Development
LSCJ 5153
Ethical Decision Making in Criminal Justice
LSCJ 5203
Victimology and Restorative Justice
LSCJ 5223
Community Corrections in the 21st Century
LSCJ 5263
Restorative Justice Programs for Drug Offenders
LSCJ 5283
Human Trafficking and Prostitution
LSCJ 5303
Correctional Leadership
LSCJ 5343
Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
LSCJ 5353
Women and Crime
LSCJ 5363
LSCJ 5403
Drug Enforcement Operations and Management
LSCJ 5413
Substance Abuse and Crime in the United States
LSCJ 5423
Global Drug Trafficking, Narco-Terrorism, and United States...
LSCJ 5463
Gangs in the United States
LSCJ 5513
Studies in Police Leadership
LSCJ 5533
Intelligence Lead Policing
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