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LAW 5000
Professional Writing for Litigators
LAW 5003
Argumentation and Public Speaking for Lawyers
LAW 5010
International Student Private Law Firm Internship
LAW 5101
Introduction to Legal Research-MLS
LAW 5103
Civil Procedure I
LAW 5112
Foundations of Contract Law for the Energy Industry-MLS
LAW 5114
LAW 5123
Legal Research, Writing & Analysis I
LAW 5130
Lincoln, the Constitution and the Crisis of the Union
LAW 5134
Constitutional Law
LAW 5144
LAW 5153
Supreme Court Theory and Practice
LAW 5202
Legal Research, Writing & Advocacy II
LAW 5203
Civil Procedure II
LAW 5223
Criminal Law
LAW 5232
Introduction to Property Law and Natural Resources-MLS
LAW 5234
LAW 5303
Criminal Procedure: Investigation
LAW 5314
LAW 5323
Professional Responsibility
LAW 5403
Administrative Law
LAW 5410
LAW 5433
LAW 5434
Business Associations
LAW 5443
Family Law
LAW 5450
The First Amendment
LAW 5463
Income Taxation of Individuals
LAW 5470
Wills and Trusts
LAW 5520
Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW 5530
Civil Pretrial Litigation
LAW 5533
Conflict of Law
LAW 5543
Federal Courts
LAW 5553
LAW 5600
Hist Fed Ind Law/Policy I-Mls
LAW 5602
Comparative Indigenous Peoples' Law Seminar
LAW 5603
Native American Natural Resources-MLS
LAW 5610
Federal Indian Law
LAW 5613
Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country-MLS
LAW 5622
History of Federal Indian Law and Policy I-MLS
LAW 5623
Religion, Culture & Indian Law-MLS
LAW 5632
History of Federal Indian Law and Policy II-MLS
LAW 5633
Native American Natural Resources
LAW 5653
Civil Regulatory Jurisdiction in Indian Country-MLS
LAW 5663
Federal Indian Water Law-MLS
LAW 5673
Indian Gaming Laws & Regulations-MLS
LAW 5693
The Indian Child Welfare Act & Family Law in Indian Country-...
LAW 5703
Antitrust Law
LAW 5712
Corporate Drafting
LAW 5713
Transactional Law Practicum I: Business Combinations
LAW 5720
Corporate Finance
LAW 5723
Tribal Courts in Indian Country-MLS
LAW 5733
Unincorporated Business Entities
LAW 5740
Payment Systems
LAW 5743
Transactional Law Practicum II: Law of Innovation
LAW 5750
Secured Transactions
LAW 5753
Federal Securities Regulation
LAW 5763
Mergers and Acquisitions
LAW 5773
Consumer Finance Law
LAW 5810
Capital Punishment and the Judicial Process
LAW 5830
Criminal Procedure: Adjudication
LAW 5902
Introduction to the American Legal System-MLS Healthcare Law
LAW 5911
Introduction to the American Legal System-MLS
LAW 5913
American Legal History
LAW 5920
Complex Litigation
LAW 5933
History Of Federal Indian Law & Policy-Mls
LAW 5970
Directed Legal Readings-Mls
LAW 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
LAW 5981
Indigenous Peoples Law Capstone-MLS
LAW 6020
Comparative Law
LAW 6040
International Business Transactions
LAW 6050
International Human Rights
LAW 6060
International Law Foundations
LAW 6100
Legal Foundations
LAW 6102
Structure of Health Care Enterprises: Legal Forms, Governanc...
LAW 6110
Bioethics and the Law
LAW 6112
Sources and Types of Liability of Healthcare Institutions an...
LAW 6122
Regulation of Private Health Insurance, Managed Care-MLS
LAW 6132
Quality Control: Licensing, Accreditation, and Quality Regul...
LAW 6142
Professional Relationships in Health Care Enterprises-MLS
LAW 6152
HIPAA/Patient Privacy-MLS
LAW 6153
Overview of Public Health Care Programs-MLS
LAW 6162
Health Information Management-MLS
LAW 6172
Health Care Transactions and Contracts-MLS
LAW 6173
Fraud and Abuse Claims-MLS
LAW 6182
Coding and Billing-MLS
LAW 6183
Experiencing a Simulated Investigation-MLS
LAW 6190
Health Law
LAW 6191
Introduction to the US Healthcare System-MLS
LAW 6192
Anti-Trust Issues in Healthcare Delivery-MLS
LAW 6210
Immigration Law
LAW 6213
Intellectual Property Survey
LAW 6311
American Indian Law Review
LAW 6313
Child Abuse Clinic
LAW 6320
Directed Legal Research
LAW 6321
LAW 6323
Criminal Defense Clinic
LAW 6331
Oil & Gas, Natural Resources, and Energy Journal
LAW 6342
Advanced Persuasive Writing
LAW 6352
Negotiations, Communication, and Ethics-MLS
LAW 6360
Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation
LAW 6363
Civil Clinic
LAW 6391
Oklahoma Law Review
LAW 6392
Advanced Legal Research
LAW 6400
Extern Placement
LAW 6410
Trial Techniques
LAW 6412
Representing the Criminally Accused
LAW 6422
Bar Exam Preparation I: Strategies and Tactics for Success
LAW 6500
Agricultural & Food Law
LAW 6501
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering and Geo-Sciences-MLS
LAW 6502
Project Economics and Finance-MLS
LAW 6510
Energy and Natural Resources
LAW 6511
Midstream Oil and Gas Law-MLS
LAW 6512
Oil and Gas Law-MLS
LAW 6513
Oil and Gas Regulatory Practice-MLS
LAW 6521
Federal Lands Offshore-MLS
LAW 6522
Legal Drafting-MLS
LAW 6523
Environmental Law
LAW 6531
Legal Research for the Energy Industry-MLS
LAW 6532
Federal, State, and Indian Lands-MLS
LAW 6540
Oil and Gas
LAW 6543
LAW 6550
Oil and Gas Contracts
LAW 6552
Int'l Petroleum Transactions
LAW 6553
Oil and Gas Contracts-MLS
LAW 6560
Title Examination and Assurance
LAW 6563
Mineral Title Examination-MLS
LAW 6570
Real Estate Transactions
LAW 6572
Real Estate Transactions-MLS
LAW 6580
Water Law
LAW 6581
Water Law for the Energy Industry-MLS
LAW 6592
Oil and Gas Environmental Law-MLS
LAW 6662
Employment Law Seminar
LAW 6670
Torts III
LAW 6680
Family and Law of Torts Seminar
LAW 6682
Law and Literature Seminar
LAW 6692
Environmental Law Seminar
LAW 6700
Assess Amer Crim Justice Sem.
LAW 6732
War Crimes Tribunals Seminar
LAW 6742
The International Criminal Court Seminar
LAW 6752
Comparative Responses to Terrorism and Political Violence Se...
LAW 6762
Comparative Criminal Law Seminar
LAW 6782
Perspectives on Governmental Law
LAW 6820
Business Tax
LAW 6830
Pensions and Employee Benefit Plans
LAW 6832
Partnership Tax
LAW 6840
Tax Procedure
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