JMC 4263 - British News Media Systems

(Slashlisted with JMC 5263) Prerequisite: junior standing and permission of instructor. Examines the structure, role, history and future of the news media in the United Kingdom and Europe. Covers print, broadcast, and web-based news media, with particular emphasis on broadcast/journalism and the current challenges it faces. There will be site visits to advertising and public relations agencies. Students will learn about the role of public service media in the U.K. as well as more market-based media. Explores how U.S. media companies operate outside their home country and the issues they face. No student may earn credit for both 4263 and 5263. (Irreg.)
JMC Course, Norman Upper Div Crse, Study Abroad - OU, Course is slash-listed, Dept/Instructor Permission Req, Undergrad Upper Division Crse, Undergrad Journalism Course
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