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HSCI 1113
Science, Nature and Society: Historical Perspectives
HSCI 2133
Science and Popular Culture
HSCI 2213
The Darwinian Revolution
HSCI 2423
Social and Ethical Issues in Science, Technology, Environmen...
HSCI 3013
History of Science to the Age of Newton
HSCI 3023
History of Science Since the Seventeenth Century
HSCI 3223
Gender Issues in Science, Technology and Medicine
HSCI 3243
Women and Medicine
HSCI 3253
Race and Science
HSCI 3263
History of Public Health
HSCI 3273
Of Acupuncture, Medicine Men & Ayurveda: Indigenous & Non-We...
HSCI 3283
Introduction to Disability Studies
HSCI 3313
Science and Technology in Asian History
HSCI 3333
Technology and Society in World History
HSCI 3353
Science and Empire
HSCI 3413
Biomedical Ethics
HSCI 3423
Modern Medicine A Historical Introduction
HSCI 3440
Mentored Research Experience
HSCI 3443
Science in a Religious World
HSCI 3453
Science and Civilization in Islam
HSCI 3463
Cold War Science
HSCI 3473
History of Ecology and Environmentalism
HSCI 3483
Technology, Politics, and International Development
HSCI 3493
The History of Media
HSCI 3533
Science and Global Politics in the Modern Era: Cross-Cultura...
HSCI 3813
Science in the Ancient World
HSCI 3823
Science in Medieval Culture
HSCI 3833
The Scientific Revolution
HSCI 3960
Honors Reading
HSCI 3980
Honors Research (HONORS)
HSCI 3990
Independent Study
HSCI 3993
Junior Seminar
HSCI 4613
Issues and Methods in the Digital Humanities
HSCI 4623
Practicum/Internship In The Digital Humanities
HSCI 4990
Independent Study
HSCI 4993
Capstone in History of Science, Technology, and Medicine
HSCI 5513
Advanced Studies in the History of Ancient and Medieval Scie...
HSCI 5523
Adv. Stds. In The History Of Renaissance & Early Modern Sci.
HSCI 5533
Advanced Studies In The History Of Modern Science
HSCI 5550
Topics In The History Of Science
HSCI 5613
Issues and Methods in the Digital Humanities
HSCI 5623
Practicum/Internship In The Digital Humanities
HSCI 5960
Directed Readings in the History of Science
HSCI 5970
Seminar: Research, Criticism and Analysis
HSCI 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
HSCI 5990
Special Studies
HSCI 6960
Directed Readings
HSCI 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
HSCI 6990
Independent Study
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