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HR 3003
Human Relations Theory
HR 3013
Introduction to Human Relations
HR 3033
Writing for Human Relations Professionals
HR 3043
Interpersonal Skills and Group Dynamics
HR 3203
Introduction to Organizational Studies
HR 3233
Presentation Skills in Human Relations
HR 3303
Family Issues in Human Relations
HR 3313
Ethical Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics
HR 3403
History of Racism
HR 3413
Cultural Awareness in Human Relations
HR 3980
Honors Research
HR 4013
Social Change Process
HR 4113
Practicum in Human Relations
HR 4170
Internat'l Human Relations
HR 4303
Human Relations in Action
HR 4313
Intercollegiate Athletic Administration
HR 4423
Women's Issues in Human Relations
HR 4433
Gender and War
HR 4503
Applied Research
HR 4513
Service Learning
HR 4733
Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention
HR 4960
Directed Readings
HR 4990
Independent Study
HR 5003
Theoretical Foundations Of Human Relations
HR 5013
Current Problems In Human Relations
HR 5023
Research in Human Relations
HR 5033
Seminar in Leadership in Organizations
HR 5053
Diversity and Justice in Organizations
HR 5063
Seminar in Strategies of Social Change
HR 5073
Creative Problem Solving
HR 5083
Seminar In Group Dynamics
HR 5093
Introduction to Graduate Studies in Human Relations
HR 5113
Human Relations in Law
HR 5123
Decision Making In Adult And Higher Education
HR 5143
Human Resources for the Human Relations Professional
HR 5153
Human Emotions
HR 5200
Internship In Human Relations
HR 5203
Graduate Research and Writing for Human Relations
HR 5273
Athletics in Higher Education
HR 5323
Organizational Behavior in Human Relations
HR 5343
Conflict Resolution
HR 5373
Grant Writing
HR 5383
Public Policy for Human Relations Professionals
HR 5403
Psycho-Social Development
HR 5413
Chemical Dependency
HR 5433
Group Counseling in Human Relations
HR 5443
Adolescent Issues in Human Relations
HR 5453
Ethical Issues in H R Counseling
HR 5463
Counseling Skills
HR 5473
Women and Mental Health
HR 5483
Diagnosis in Human Relations Counseling
HR 5493
Assessment and Evaluation in Human Relations
HR 5513
Marriage and Family Therapy
HR 5523
Counseling With Children, Adolescents, and Families
HR 5533
Counseling Approaches in Human Relations
HR 5543
Counseling With Diverse Populations
HR 5553
Marital and Family Assessment
HR 5563
Career Counseling
HR 5573
Personality and Personality Disorders
HR 5593
Multicultural Counseling
HR 5623
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
HR 5633
Advanced Counseling Skills
HR 5643
Crisis Intervention
HR 5653
Grief, Death and Dying
HR 5663
HR 5673
LPC Clinical Supervision
HR 5723
Sexism and Homophobia
HR 5733
Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention
HR 5743
Violence Against Women and Children
HR 5763
Human Sexuality
HR 5803
Total Rewards: Compensations and Benefits for HR Management...
HR 5813
Business Management and Strategic Planning
HR 5823
Workforce Planning & Employment, A Component of Human Resour...
HR 5833
Human Resource Development
HR 5853
Employee and Labor Relations for HR Management Professions i...
HR 5863
Human Resources for the HR Prof Fundamentals of Human Resour...
HR 5880
Human Relations Capstone
HR 5960
Directed Readings in Human Relations
HR 5970
Human Relations in Mexico
HR 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
HR 5990
Independent Study
HR 6980
Research Doctoral Dissertation
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