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HIST 1101
The Experience of War
HIST 1113
History of Medieval Europe
HIST 1223
Europe, 1500 to 1815
HIST 1233
Europe Since 1815
HIST 1303
The History of Disease
HIST 1483
United States, 1492 to 1865
HIST 1493
U.S., 1865 to Present (HONORS)
HIST 1543
Introduction to American Indian History
HIST 1573
The Artists' Bible From Mosaics to Graphic Novels
HIST 1613
Western Civilization I
HIST 1623
Western Civilization II
HIST 1723
East Asia to 1600
HIST 1733
East Asia Since 1600
HIST 1923
World Civilization 1600-Present
HIST 2013
Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
HIST 2033
African-American History To 1877
HIST 2043
African-American History Since 1877
HIST 2103
Genocides in Modern History
HIST 2123
The Holocaust
HIST 2333
The British Empire
HIST 2503
American Jews/Jewish Americans
HIST 2573
The History Sleuth
HIST 2613
Colonial Hispanic American History, 1492-1810
HIST 2623
Modern Latin America 1810-Present
HIST 2713
Survey of African Civilization
HIST 2970
History Of Disease
HIST 3003
History of Sparta
HIST 3043
Egypt And Mesopotamia
HIST 3053
Medieval Italy
HIST 3060
Jews & Christians
HIST 3063
The Ancient Art of War
HIST 3073
The Renaissance
HIST 3083
The American Colonies
HIST 3103
Slavery in World History
HIST 3113
The Crusades
HIST 3120
Sacred/Secular in Ren. Italy
HIST 3123
War in European History
HIST 3133
Medieval Women
HIST 3143
The Era of the Reformation
HIST 3153
The Great War, 1914-18
HIST 3163
Europe from the French Revolution to Napoleon
HIST 3173
The Early Republic
HIST 3183
Italy: Making a Nation?
HIST 3193
Modern France: Gender, Religion and Nation
HIST 3203
Transformation of Jews
HIST 3213
Intellectual History of Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIST 3223
Intellectual History of Twentieth-Century Europe
HIST 3233
Modern Spain
HIST 3243
European Women & Gender Relations
HIST 3253
Germany: From Bismarck to Hitler
HIST 3263
History of Public Health
HIST 3273
Of Acupuncture, Medicine Men & Ayurveda: Indigenous & Non-We...
HIST 3290
Scotland, Part II, Since 1707
HIST 3293
HIST 3303
Mexico and the United States
HIST 3313
Israeli Culture Through Film
HIST 3323
Tudor England
HIST 3333
Stuart England
HIST 3343
Eighteenth-Century England
HIST 3363
Legal And Constitutional History Of England I
HIST 3383
The American West
HIST 3393
History of Oklahoma
HIST 3403
Modern Israel
HIST 3413
The History Of Ancient Israel
HIST 3423
War, Prosperity and Depression
HIST 3430
Topics in United States History
HIST 3433
The United States In The Cold War Era
HIST 3453
The American Frontier Since 1828
HIST 3463
The Life Of The Mind In America: To 1815
HIST 3473
Life Of The Mind In America: 1815 To 1877
HIST 3493
American Environmental History
HIST 3500
France & Haiti/Revolution
HIST 3503
The World War II Era, 1918-1945
HIST 3533
The History Of Early American Women
HIST 3543
The History Of Modern American Women
HIST 3553
The Civil War Era
HIST 3563
HIST 3573
Body and Sexuality in Lat Am
HIST 3583
History of Sport in America
HIST 3593
Women in the American West
HIST 3613
Roman Religion
HIST 3623
Conformity and Dissent in the 1950s and 1960s
HIST 3633
American Indian History to 1880
HIST 3643
American Indian History Since 1865
HIST 3653
American Jewish History
HIST 3663
The American Presidency & the Presidents, Washington-Trump
HIST 3673
Arguing over America, 1917-2001
HIST 3690
Spanish Borderlands
HIST 3693
Spanish Borderlands
HIST 3703
Native Peoples of Latin America
HIST 3713
History of Mexico, 1800-Present
HIST 3723
Africa Since 1945
HIST 3733
History of Heaven and Hell in Judaism and Christianity
HIST 3743
African-American History to 1877
HIST 3753
African-American History Since 1877
HIST 3763
Genesis Through Jewish Eyes
HIST 3773
Jews and Christians--Middle Ages
HIST 3793
Imperial Russia
HIST 3803
The Era of the Russian Revolutions
HIST 3813
Twentieth-Century Russian History
HIST 3823
Law and Punishment
HIST 3843
Latin American Independence 1750-1880
HIST 3853
Japan to 1850
HIST 3863
Japan Since 1850
HIST 3873
Early Imperial China
HIST 3883
Late Imperial China
HIST 3923
China Since 1911
HIST 3933
History of the Great Witch-Hunt in Early Mod. Europe & Ameri...
HIST 3950
Genesis: In the Beginning
HIST 3953
The Modern Middle East
HIST 3960
Honors Reading
HIST 3963
Rebirth of Israel
HIST 3973
Judaism A Religious History
HIST 3980
Honors Research
HIST 3990
Independent Study
HIST 3993
The Evolution of Martyrdom in the Judeo-Christian Civilizati...
HIST 4003
Jews and Other Germans
HIST 4013
Modern Italy
HIST 4033
The Renaissance
HIST 4043
Modern France
HIST 4083
Museums, Monuments, Memory
HIST 4203
Classical China
HIST 4213
China's Art of War
HIST 4313
American Foreign Policy, 1900-45
HIST 4343
The Vietnam War
HIST 4353
Origins Of American Foreign Policy
HIST 4393
American Working Class
HIST 4403
Mussolini, Fascism, & America
HIST 4453
American Military History 1860-Present
HIST 4493
Africa and the Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST 4503
Brazil, 1500-2000
HIST 4513
Intellectuals & Artists in Modern Latin America
HIST 4523
Latin American Left
HIST 4533
Populism in 20th-Century South America
HIST 4543
Latin America in the Age of the Cuban Revolution
HIST 4553
Environmental History of Latin America
HIST 4563
History of India
HIST 4603
Genesis Through Jewish Eyes
HIST 4950
History Internship
HIST 4970
After Charlottesville
HIST 4973
The Global 60s
HIST 4990
Independent Study
HIST 5001
Navigating The History Profession
HIST 5050
Directed Readings in History
HIST 5110
Modern France
HIST 5210
History of Oklahoma
HIST 5300
Directed Readings in Medieval History
HIST 5310
Intellect/Artists Mod Lat Am
HIST 5320
Research in Medieval History
HIST 5410
Africa Since 1945
HIST 5510
Israeli Culture Through Film
HIST 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
HIST 6050
Research Problems
HIST 6160
Ancient Art of War
HIST 6200
Mod Euro Cult/Intell Hist
HIST 6230
Advanced Directed Readings in Medieval History
HIST 6240
Advanced Research in Medieval History
HIST 6260
American Environmental Hist
HIST 6300
Environ. Hist/Lat. America
HIST 6360
Latin American Left
HIST 6400
US History to 1865
HIST 6460
Africa since 1945
HIST 6560
Japan to 1850
HIST 6700
Enviro Hist of China
HIST 6800
Enviro Hist Japan & Pacific
HIST 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
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