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FR 1115
Beginning French
FR 1225
Beginning French (Continued)
FR 2113
Intermediate French
FR 2223
Intermediate French (Continued)
FR 2243
French Conversation and Literature
FR 3083
Advanced French Conversation and Phonetics
FR 3423
Advanced French Composition
FR 3623
Business French
FR 3723
French for the Professions
FR 3753
French Culture Through Film
FR 3853
Introduction to Literary Analysis
FR 3960
Honors Reading (HONORS)
FR 3980
Honors Research (HONORS)
FR 3990
Independent Study
FR 4153
Survey of French Literature to 1800
FR 4163
Survey of French Literature (Continued)
FR 4313
From Lascaux to la Terreur
FR 4323
The Making of Modern French Culture
FR 4990
Independent Study
FR 4993
Senior Capstone in French
FR 5223
Seventeenth-Century Theatre
FR 5283
Twentieth-Century French Novel
FR 5293
Twentieth-Century French Poetry And Theatre
FR 5313
Introduction To Old French
FR 5323
Old French Readings
FR 5633
Eighteenth-Century French Philosophes
FR 5910
Problems in Research
FR 5963
Nineteenth-Century French Novel
FR 5970
The French Atlantic
FR 5973
Nineteenth-Century French Poetry And Theatre
FR 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
FR 5990
Independent Studies
FR 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
FR 6990
Independent Study
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