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ENT 2113
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
ENT 3103
Entrepreneurial Methods
ENT 3113
New Venture Development I
ENT 3123
Corporate Innovation
ENT 3133
Entrepreneurial Resources
ENT 3193
Social Entrepreneurship
ENT 3203
Entrepreneurial Process
ENT 3413
New Product Development
ENT 3423
International Entrepreneurship
ENT 3513
Venture Capitalization I
ENT 3603
New Venture Development II
ENT 3613
Launching the New Venture
ENT 3710
Topics in Entrepreneurship
ENT 3880
Directed Reading
ENT 3913
Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies
ENT 3980
Honors Research
ENT 3990
Independent Study
ENT 4503
Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth I...
ENT 4603
New Venture Development III
ENT 4710
Family Enterprise
ENT 4813
Entrepreneurial Law
ENT 4823
Venture Capitalization II
ENT 4970
The Business of Art
ENT 5102
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ENT 5111
Social Entrepreneurship
ENT 5112
Corporate Entrepreneurship
ENT 5121
Entrepreneurial Family Business
ENT 5122
Entrepreneurship for Science and Technology
ENT 5131
Design Thinking for Entrepreneurship
ENT 5141
Entrepreneurial Law
ENT 5151
Entrepreneurial Resources
ENT 5902
The Entrepreneurial Process
ENT 5912
Capitalizing the New Venture
ENT 5934
Strategic Venture Development
ENT 5942
Launching the New Venture
ENT 5970
Global Entrepreneurship
ENT 5990
Independent Study
ENT 5992
Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies
ENT 6960
Directed Readings
ENT 6970
Seminar in Entrepreneurship
ENT 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
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