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ENGR 1401
Dean's Leadership Council
ENGR 1410
Freshman Engineering Orientation
ENGR 1411
Freshman Engineering Experience
ENGR 1510
ENGR 2002
Professional Development
ENGR 2281
Engineering Co-Op Program
ENGR 2411
Applied Engineering Statics
ENGR 2431
Electrical Circuits
ENGR 2461
ENGR 2531
Electrical Circuits II
ENGR 3401
Engineering Economics
ENGR 3410
Engineering Orientation for Transfer Students
ENGR 3431
Electromechanical Systems
ENGR 3440
Mentored Research Experience
ENGR 3441
Fluid Mechanics
ENGR 3510
Career Planning
ENGR 3511
Engineering Orientation Experience for Transfer Students
ENGR 3990
Independent Study
ENGR 4003
Engineering Practice
ENGR 4013
Leadership and Management for Engineers
ENGR 4023
Disruptive and Innovative Technology Ideation
ENGR 4051
Lincoln, Leadership & Innovation
ENGR 4510
Prof Comm in Global Workplace
ENGR 4513
Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
ENGR 4990
Independent Study
ENGR 5900
Engineering Professional Practice
ENGR 5970
Ent for Science & Technology
ENGR 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
ENGR 5990
Independent Study
ENGR 6970
Special Topics/Seminar
ENGR 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
ENGR 6990
Independent Study
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