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ENGL 0113
Introduction to College Writing
ENGL 1013
English for Exchange Students
ENGL 1023
English for Exchange Students II
ENGL 1113
Principles of English Composition
ENGL 1213
Principles of English Composition
ENGL 1913
Writing for the Health Professions
ENGL 2113
Intermediate Writing
ENGL 2123
Creative Writing
ENGL 2133
Autobiographical Writing
ENGL 2213
ENGL 2223
ENGL 2243
Film Narrative
ENGL 2273
Literary and Cultural Analysis
ENGL 2283
Critical Methods: Texts/Contexts/Theories /Critics
ENGL 2413
Introduction to Literature
ENGL 2433
World Literature to 1700
ENGL 2443
World Literature, 1700 to Present
ENGL 2543
English Literature from 1375 to 1700
ENGL 2653
English Literature from 1700 to the Present
ENGL 2713
Introduction to Black Literature in the United States
ENGL 2733
American Indian Literature: Early and Traditional
ENGL 2743
American Indian Literature: Modern and Contemporary
ENGL 2773
American Literature
ENGL 2883
American Literature
ENGL 2970
English Through Film
ENGL 3013
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Literature
ENGL 3023
Poetic of Invention
ENGL 3103
Writing and Power
ENGL 3113
Nature/Environment/Science Writing
ENGL 3123
Fiction Writing
ENGL 3133
Poetry Writing
ENGL 3143
Studies in Literacy and Rhetoric
ENGL 3153
Technical Writing
ENGL 3163
Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities
ENGL 3173
Histories of Writing, Rhetoric and Technology
ENGL 3183
Digital Composing
ENGL 3203
Rhetoric and Sexuality
ENGL 3213
Special Topics in Fiction
ENGL 3223
Oklahoma Writers/Writing Oklahoma
ENGL 3243
African American Cinema
ENGL 3253
Indians, Oil and Water
ENGL 3343
The Literature of Empire
ENGL 3353
American Indian Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 3363
Films and Context
ENGL 3403
The Graphic Novel
ENGL 3423
Film and Other Expressive Forms
ENGL 3440
Mentored Research Experience
ENGL 3453
Afro-Caribbean Lit/Cult Consciousness: from Alienation to Vo...
ENGL 3463
American Fiction
ENGL 3483
Native American Writers
ENGL 3513
Medieval English Literature
ENGL 3573
Arthurian Legend and Literature
ENGL 3613
19th-Century Brit Lit
ENGL 3643
African American Literature
ENGL 3653
The Bible as Literature
ENGL 3960
Honors Reading
ENGL 3980
Honors Research
ENGL 4003
European Modernism and Beyond
ENGL 4013
Major Figure: Tolkien
ENGL 4023
Irish Literature
ENGL 4113
Magazine Editing and Publishing in the Humanities
ENGL 4133
History Of the English Language
ENGL 4203
Victorian Genres
ENGL 4233
Major Figures in Theory
ENGL 4273
Women Writers
ENGL 4283
Hip Hop as Poetry, Literature and Cultural Expression
ENGL 4303
Native American Non-Fiction
ENGL 4323
The Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 4333
Black Arts/Black Power
ENGL 4343
The Indian in American Popular Culture
ENGL 4523
Shakespeare Comedies
ENGL 4533
Shakespeare Tragedies
ENGL 4603
ENGL 4613
Nineteenth-Century British Novel
ENGL 4623
English Romantic Poetry
ENGL 4653
Twentieth-Century English Poetry
ENGL 4713
Major Authors in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
ENGL 4733
American Naturalism and Realism
ENGL 4823
American Novel Since 1920
ENGL 4853
The English Capstone Course
ENGL 4923
Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 4933
Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 4943
Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 4950
Neustadt Int'l Lit Course
ENGL 4953
Writing Historical Fiction
ENGL 4970
Puterbaugh: Mohsin Hamid
ENGL 4990
Independent Study
ENGL 5003
ENGL 5113
Teaching College Composition
ENGL 5133
Teaching Technical Writing
ENGL 5203
Victorian Genres
ENGL 5223
Indigenous Cinema
ENGL 5303
Native American Non-Fiction
ENGL 5313
ENGL 5353
Native American Poetry
ENGL 5373
American Indian Rhetorics
ENGL 5403
Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing Studies
ENGL 5423
Classical Rhetorical Theory
ENGL 5433
18th and 19th Century Rhetorical Theory
ENGL 5443
Twentieth-Century Rhetoric and Composition Theory
ENGL 5453
Special Topics in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy
ENGL 5463
Rhetoric & Technology
ENGL 5473
Women's Rhetoric
ENGL 5513
ENGL 5543
Early Modern Lit
ENGL 5553
Post-Colonial Theory and Writing
ENGL 5613
19th C Brit Lit
ENGL 5703
Special Topics In American Literature
ENGL 5803
Caribbean Lit
ENGL 5813
Blackness, Coloniality, Gender
ENGL 5923
Advanced Fiction Writing
ENGL 5933
Advanced Poetry Writing
ENGL 5943
Advanced Creative Nonfiction Writing
ENGL 5953
Writing Historical Fiction
ENGL 5960
Directed Readings in Research
ENGL 5963
Directed Readings in Research
ENGL 5970
Puterbaugh: Mohsin Hamid
ENGL 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
ENGL 6013
Research Seminars in Composition, Rhetoric or Literacy
ENGL 6103
Research Methods in Composition
ENGL 6880
Research for PhD Exam
ENGL 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
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