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EDS 3960
Honors Reading
EDS 3980
Honors Research
EDS 4003
Schools in American Cultures
EDS 4960
Directed Readings in Education
EDS 4970
Latina Feminism & Sexuality
EDS 5003
School and Society
EDS 5033
Critical Literature in Adult and Higher Education
EDS 5043
Membership And Moral Formation
EDS 5703
Sociology Of Education
EDS 5753
The Educational Philosophy Of John Dewey
EDS 5783
Classics In Educational Thought
EDS 5833
Gender, Values, and Education
EDS 5910
Practicum in Education--Master's
EDS 5913
Latinas/os and Education
EDS 5920
Internship in Education--Master's
EDS 5933
Girls, Women, and Educational Studies
EDS 5943
Topics in History of Education
EDS 5960
Directed Readings
EDS 5970
Rematria Indigenous Epistem Ed
EDS 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
EDS 5990
Independent Study
EDS 6010
Writing Educational Inquiry
EDS 6033
Inquiry Design
EDS 6703
Advanced Studies in the History of Educational Thought
EDS 6713
Pro Seminar
EDS 6763
Issues in Contemporary American Education
EDS 6793
History of U.S. Education
EDS 6910
Practicum in Education--Doctoral
EDS 6920
Internship in Education--Doctoral
EDS 6930
Intensive Studies in Education
EDS 6933
Naturalistic And Qualitative Research In Education
EDS 6943
In-Depth Approaches To Qualitative Inquiry In Educational Re...
EDS 6970
Race & Repres In Ed Res
EDS 6973
Documentary and Narrative Research
EDS 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
EDS 6990
Adv Qual Methodologies
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