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EDPC 5113
Human Development
EDPC 5253
Assessment in Counseling
EDPC 5263
Professional Issues and Ethics in Counseling
EDPC 5413
Occupational Information--Career Development
EDPC 5423
Methods and Techniques of Counseling
EDPC 5433
Theories and Techniques of Group Counseling
EDPC 5443
Family Systems Theory
EDPC 5453
Social & Cultural Diversity
EDPC 5473
Counseling Theories
EDPC 5483
Behavior Disorders
EDPC 5513
Introduction to Abuse and Addictions Theory and Treatment
EDPC 5523
Addictions and Family Theory
EDPC 5533
Psychopharmacology/Neurobiology Of Addiction
EDPC 5543
Addictions Counseling: Theoretical Approaches and Co-Occurri...
EDPC 5553
Addictions in Family Counseling
EDPC 5623
Advanced Counseling Techniques
EDPC 5633
Clinical Supervision
EDPC 5920
EDPC 5923
Internship in Professional Counseling
EDPC 5970
Adv Counseling Tech
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