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ECON 1113
Principles of Economics-Macro
ECON 1123
Prin of Econ-Micro (HONORS)
ECON 2843
Elements of Statistics(HONORS)
ECON 3113
Intermediate Microeconomic Theory
ECON 3133
Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 3213
Environmental Economics
ECON 3513
Labor Problems
ECON 3523
Health Economics
ECON 3613
International Trade Theory and Problems
ECON 3633
International Finance Theory and Problems
ECON 3713
Governmental Relations to Business
ECON 3880
Directed Readings
ECON 3960
Honors Reading (HONORS)
ECON 3980
Honors Research
ECON 3990
Independent Study
ECON 4223
Econometric Analysis
ECON 4313
Industrial Organization
ECON 4353
Public Finance: Issues and Taxation
ECON 4453
Urban Economics
ECON 4513
The Economics of Discrimination
ECON 4673
Economics-Money & Banking
ECON 4733
Economic Development in the Middle East
ECON 4773
Economic Game Theory
ECON 4853
World Economic Development
ECON 4970
Sports Economics
ECON 4983
Economics as Social Science
ECON 5023
Statistics for Decision Making
ECON 5033
Managerial Economics I
ECON 5043
Managerial Economics II
ECON 5123
Advanced Price and Welfare Theory
ECON 5153
Mathematical Economics I
ECON 5163
Advanced Macroeconomic and Growth Theory
ECON 5173
Urban and Regional Analysis
ECON 5213
Advanced Econometrics
ECON 5243
Econometrics II
ECON 5253
Data Science for Economists
ECON 5313
Advanced Industrial Organization
ECON 5353
Public Finance II
ECON 5613
International Economics-Trade
ECON 5633
International Economics--Finance
ECON 5853
World Economic Development
ECON 5940
Research in Economic Problems
ECON 5960
Readings in Selected Fields of Economics
ECON 5970
Labor Economics I
ECON 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
ECON 6213
Seminar in Price and Welfare Theory
ECON 6313
Seminar in Macro and Growth Theory
ECON 6333
Seminar in Industrial Organization
ECON 6343
Econometrics III
ECON 6653
Seminar in Growth
ECON 6693
Seminar in Economic Development
ECON 6773
Seminar in Public Economics
ECON 6970
Labor Economics II
ECON 6980
Research for Doctoral Dissertation
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