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DRAM 1114
Costume Construction
DRAM 1124
DRAM 1133
Drawing and Rendering
DRAM 1134
Stage Lighting
DRAM 1141
Stage Management Seminar I
DRAM 1411
DRAM 1503
Acting for Non-Majors
DRAM 1513
Introduction to Acting
DRAM 1523
Character Study for the Actor
DRAM 1603
Voice And Diction for Non-Majors
DRAM 1612
Introduction to Voice and Movement
DRAM 1643
Voice and Speech I
DRAM 1713
Understanding the Theatre
DRAM 1731
Dramaturgy Studio 1
DRAM 1811
Music Notation and Score Reading for Stage Managers and Desi...
DRAM 1911
Rehearsal and Production
DRAM 2013
Introduction to Theatrical Design and Production
DRAM 2053
Computer Aided Design I for the Theatre
DRAM 2141
Stage Management Seminar II
DRAM 2153
Scene Design
DRAM 2223
Lighting Design
DRAM 2233
Introduction to Technical Production
DRAM 2243
Draping And Pattern Drafting I
DRAM 2253
Draping and Pattern Drafting II
DRAM 2323
Stage Movement
DRAM 2333
Advanced Stage Movement
DRAM 2343
History of Costume
DRAM 2413
Sound techniques
DRAM 2423
Drafting for the Theatre
DRAM 2503
On-Camera Acting for Non-Majors
DRAM 2513
Scene Study for the Actor
DRAM 2523
Performing Shakespeare
DRAM 2643
Voice and Speech II
DRAM 2713
Introduction to Fine Arts
DRAM 2731
Dramaturgy Studio 2
DRAM 2733
Introduction to Dramaturgy
DRAM 2813
Stage Management
DRAM 2821
Design Drafting for Stage Managers
DRAM 3052
Illustration I: Dry Media
DRAM 3053
Computer Aided Design II for the Theatre
DRAM 3062
Illustration II: Wet Media
DRAM 3141
Stage Management Seminar III
DRAM 3223
Costume Construction Techniques
DRAM 3323
Stage Movement: Clowning
DRAM 3353
Costume Design
DRAM 3413
Sound Design
DRAM 3433
Advanced Materials For Stage Scenery And Properties
DRAM 3513
Performing Departures from Realism
DRAM 3523
Performing New Plays
DRAM 3533
Advanced Shakespeare Performance
DRAM 3613
Directing I
DRAM 3623
Directing II
DRAM 3643
Voice And Speech III
DRAM 3713
History of the Theatre I
DRAM 3723
History of the Theatre II
DRAM 3731
Dramaturgy Studio 3
DRAM 3781
Topics in Dramatic Literature
DRAM 3820
Management Studio I
DRAM 3822
Stage Management Studio I
DRAM 3833
Advanced Stage Management
DRAM 3910
Advanced Rehearsal and Production
DRAM 3960
Honors Reading (HONORS)
DRAM 3980
Honors Research (HONORS)
DRAM 4023
Model Building
DRAM 4073
Developing the Professional Perspective
DRAM 4113
Scene Painting
DRAM 4141
Stage Management Seminar IV
DRAM 4153
Advanced Scene Design
DRAM 4163
Lighting for Dance/Musical Theatre/Opera
DRAM 4213
Lighting Styles
DRAM 4233
Costume Crafts for Theatre
DRAM 4243
Costume Shop Management
DRAM 4253
History Of Decor
DRAM 4272
Lighting Production
DRAM 4323
Stage Combat I: Unarmed Stage Combat
DRAM 4333
Stage Combat: Edged Weaponry
DRAM 4353
Costume Design II
DRAM 4363
Costume Design III
DRAM 4413
Advanced Sound Design
DRAM 4423
Sound Scoring
DRAM 4513
Professional Prep
DRAM 4523
Acting for the Camera
DRAM 4533
Master Teachers of Acting
DRAM 4643
Advanced Voice Extended Usage
DRAM 4733
Dramaturgy Seminar
DRAM 4743
The Modern Theatre
DRAM 4773
Playwriting I
DRAM 4783
Playwriting II
DRAM 4803
Capstone Experience
DRAM 4810
Performance Practicum
DRAM 4820
Management Studio II
DRAM 4822
Stage Management Studio II
DRAM 4853
Theatre Management
DRAM 4900
Professional Semester
DRAM 4940
Advanced Play Analysis
DRAM 4970
Grant Writing for the Arts
DRAM 4990
Special Studies Costuming
DRAM 5073
Developing the Professional Perspective
DRAM 5213
Lighting Styles
DRAM 5613
Graduate Directing
DRAM 5733
Graduate Play Structure And Analysis
DRAM 5900
Professional Semester
DRAM 5913
Graduate Production Project
DRAM 5924
Graduate Performance/Process Studio
DRAM 5970
Lesser Known Great Plays
DRAM 5980
Research for Master's Thesis
DRAM 5990
Special Studies for Graduate Students
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