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AVIA 1003
Introduction To Computer Concepts And Applications
AVIA 1013
Introduction to Air Traffic Control
AVIA 1111
Aviation Orientation
AVIA 1113
Introduction to Aviation
AVIA 1213
Basic Air Traffic Control Regulations
AVIA 1222
Primary Flying
AVIA 1313
Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Systems
AVIA 2013
General Air Traffic Control Procedures
AVIA 2231
Advanced Flying
AVIA 2341
Secondary Flying
AVIA 2513
The History of Aviation
AVIA 2613
Aviation Safety
AVIA 3013
Career Development for Aviation Professionals
AVIA 3103
Flight Deck Environmental Issues
AVIA 3111
Advanced Flight Maneuvers
AVIA 3113
Commercial Aviation
AVIA 3133
Fundamentals of Instrument Flight
AVIA 3213
Airport Traffic Procedures
AVIA 3313
IFR Air Traffic Procedures
AVIA 3333
Survey of Aviation Law
AVIA 3513
Airport Operations Management
AVIA 3572
Instrument Flying
AVIA 3581
Multi-Engine Flying
AVIA 3913
Aerospace Contract Administration
AVIA 3923
Aerospace Operational Research
AVIA 3980
Honors Research
AVIA 4004
Air Traffic Control Tower Simulation
AVIA 4013
En-Route Radar Lab
AVIA 4015
Air Traffic Simulation
AVIA 4023
Tracon Radar Lab
AVIA 4113
CFI Seminar
AVIA 4313
Turbine Transition
AVIA 4423
Crew Resource Management
AVIA 4552
Commercial Flying
AVIA 4602
Flight Instructor-Airplane
AVIA 4613
Instrument Flight Instructor
AVIA 4622
Multiengine Flight Instructor
AVIA 4663
Survey of Aerospace Ethical Issues
AVIA 4713
Senior Capstone
AVIA 4803
Aviation Mental Health: Psychological Implications for Air T...
AVIA 4983
Airline Management
AVIA 4990
Special Studies in Aviation
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