AGSC 3011 - Career Planning & Development for A&GS Majors

Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of instructor. Provides students with instruction in the career planning process directly related to their major and, ultimately, the world of work. Research shows that the majority of people lose their jobs because of poor work ethic, not because of aptitude. Course teaches appropriate skills desired by employers across AGS disciplines. Through lecture, discussion, individual projects and guest speakers, the interactive curriculum will cover topics such as behavioral interviewing techniques, self-directed job search strategies and career opportunities in multiple job sectors. As the course progresses, students will develop a career portfolio which includes a career assessment, class notes, handouts, cover letters and resumes (including electronic versions).
Atmos Geo Course, Norman Upper Div Crse, Undergrad Atmos & Geo Crse, Undergrad Upper Division Crse
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