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CHEM 1100
Survey of General Chemistry
CHEM 1110
Survey of General Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 1200
Survey of Bio-Organic Chemistry
CHEM 1400
General Chemistry I
CHEM 1410
General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 1500
General Chemistry II
CHEM 1510
General Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 1700
Engineering Chemistry
CHEM 1710
Engineering Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 2030
Coding for Chemistry
CHEM 2400
Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2410
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 2500
Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 2510
Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
CHEM 2800
Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 2810
Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 3100
Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 3110
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Writing Enriched
CHEM 3200
Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 3210
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Writing Enriched
CHEM 3400
Physical Chemistry I: Thermodynamics and Kinetics with Appli...
CHEM 3410
Physical Chemistry I Laboratory Writing Enriched
CHEM 3500
Physical Chemistry II: Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Mec...
CHEM 3800
Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 4030
Introduction to Cheminformatics
CHEM 4150
Advanced Laboratory Writing Intensive
CHEM 4160
Advanced Laboratory II Writing Intensive
CHEM 4200
Advanced Spectroscopic Methods in Forensic Analysis
CHEM 4500
Advanced Organic Techniques Writing Intensive
CHEM 4600
Drug Discovery, Mechanism, and Action
CHEM 4800
Special Topics: Structural Methods in Chemistry & Biochemist...
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