WGSST 8800.02 - Topics in Feminist Studies

Feminist studies on a variety of topics at the graduate level.Repeatable to a maximum of 24 cr hrs. Class Notes: Autumn 2019 WGSST 8800.02 - Operationalizing IntersectionalityIn this course, we will focus on the challenges and importance of taking into account the principles of intersectionality in the design, analysis, and theoretical framing of our research. In addition, we will engage the complexity of intersectionality as a theoretical construct, a research paradigm, a method and an analytical tool with an eye to what it means to ?use? or ?deploy? intersectionality in our research.NOTE: All seats in WGSST 8800.02 will be held for WGSS graduate students until April 10. If you would like to add yourself to the waitlist before the hold is lifted, you should automatically be enrolled in the class by April 11.
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