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HEBREW 3705 - Israeli Society and the Holocaust

The State of Israel was established soon after the Holocaust. This course examines the effects of the Nazi genocide on Israeli society, including political debates, public trials, films, museums and literature, while also reflecting on larger themes of genocide, trauma, memory, and commemoration. Taught in English.Prereq: English 1110 (110). Not open to students with credit for NELC 375. GE cultures and ideas and diversity global studies course. Class Notes: How did the Holocaust impact Israeli society? In this class, we'll examine fierce debates about taking money from Germany, public trials of Nazis, the creation of Holocaust memorials, and more. We'll be focusing on Israeli society, but we will also reflect on larger questions about global genocide, trauma, memory and commemoration. GE culture and ideas and global diversity studies course.
GE Cultures and Ideas GE Diversity: Global Studies
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