FRENCH 3202 - Literary and visual texts of the Francophone world

Readings and analysis of Francophone literary and multimedia texts that provide an appreciation and understanding of the French-speaking world. Prereq: 2101.01 (201.01), or 2101.01H, or 3 cr hrs of 2101.51 (5 cr hrs of 201.51), and 3101 (401). Not open to students with credit for 427. Class Notes: This course is multi-media in nature, thereby reflecting the rich literary, cinematographic, and musical diversity of the francophone world. One of our goals will be to understand the ways in which texts, films, and music connect to give us an aesthetic, cultural, political and historical understanding and appreciation of France and other countries where French is spoken. We will not exclude France from la francophonie, but rather consider how France has become a multi-cultural society, over the past few decades. The French language itself has become trans-cultural. The materials in this course cover Quebec, Algeria, Morocco, French Guiana, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Congo, and ethnic minorities in France.
Level 1 CCP course
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