ASTRON 1102 - From Planets to the Cosmos (No Lab)

Overview of the Copernican revolution, the discovery of the nature of our solar system, light, gravity, and planets around other stars; the nature and evolution of stars and origin of the chemical elements; the history of galaxies and the expanding universe. Not recommended for students who plan to major in astronomy or physics.Prereq: Math 1050 (075) or 102, or an ACT math subscore of 22 or higher that is less than two years old, or Math Placement R or higher; or permission of instructor. Not open to students with credit for 1101, 1140, 1144, 1161H (H161), 1162H (H162), 2161H, 2162H, 2291 (291), or 2292 (292). GE nat sci phys course. Enrollment Requirements: Prereq: please see catalog description.
GE Natural Science: Physical Science
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