MARA A200 - Professional Mariner Internshp

A supervised internship related to classroom-based learning at a maritime related work site. This course is designed as a supervised internship course for the Professional Mariner student. The student will gain experience in a marine related position that bridges classroom based learning with career goals. This 120-hour unpaid or 150-hour paid work experience course is designed to assist students to acquire career awareness, work habits, attitudes and skills for the professional mariner program. Credit for occupational work experience may be accrued at the rate of one to 8 units per semester for a total of sixteen units. Additionally, this course is for 2 units and students must work 75 paid hours or 60 non-paid hours per unit earned. PREREQUISITE: MARA A150, or A151, or A152, or A153, or A155. CO-REQUISITE: MARA A201. Transfer credit: CSU.
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