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ART A101
Western Art Ren-Modern
ART A107
Introduction to Art
ART A111
Color & Design: 3-D
ART A124
Advanced Drawing
ART A132
Painting 3
ART A143
Story Illustration Tech
ART A150
Ceramics 1
ART A170
Printmaking 1
ART A180
Professional Studies
ART A255
Entertainment Art Project
ART A108
Women in Art
ART A251
Character Design
ART A145
Exhibition Design 1
ART A245
Exhibition Design 2
Western Art Ren-Modern Honors
ART A109
Ancient Greek Art/Architecture
ART A116
Furniture Making/Design
ART A125
Perspective Drawing
ART A135
Digital Painting
ART A144
Illustration 2 Sequential
ART A151
Ceramics 2
ART A171
Printmaking 2
ART A244
Metal Casting and Forming
ART A269
Cartooning 1
ART A122
Human Anat for Artists
ART A253
Environment Dsgn& Illustration
ART A236
Life Painting 1
ART A102
Survey Modern/Contemporary Art
Ancient Greek Art & Arch Honor
ART A120
Beginning Drawing
ART A130
Painting 1
ART A141
Sculpture 1
ART A147
Jewelry 1
ART A152
Intermediate Ceramic Design
ART A175
Screen Process Printing 1
ART A247
Jewelry 2
ART A270
Cartooning 2
ART A220
Figure Composition
ART A263
Watercolor 1
ART A237
Life Painting 2
ART A100
Hist. & Apprec of Western Art
ART A103
Survey of Asian Art
ART A110
Color & Design: 2-D
ART A121
Life Drawing 1
ART A131
Painting 2
ART A142
Life Sculpture 1
ART A148
World History of Ceramics
ART A153
Ceramics and Its Narrative
ART A176
Screen Process Printng II
ART A252
Prop and Vehicle Design
Hist & Apprec. of West Art Hon
ART A249
Digital Sculpture with ZBrush
ART A114
Art of the Ancient Americas
ART A241
Sculpture 2
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