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PE 2220
Intro to Urban Issues
PE 2300
Introduction to Law
PE 2420
Principles of Microeconomics
PE 2430
Principles of Macroeconomics
PE 2650
Intro to U.S. Politics
PE 3100
International Relations
PE 3155
Model United Nations
PE 3160
Ethnopolitics in the World
PE 3240
PE 3250
Topic:Latin Amr Pol Cuba DR&PR
PE 3400
Global South
PE 3410
Contemp US Political Economy
PE 3470
Economics of Sports
PE 3690
City&Sub:Polit. Action&Change
PE 4100
International Organizations
PE 4290
Environmental Economics
PE 4325
Jurisprudence: Legal Thought
PE 4409
Urban Economics
PE 4430
Health Economics
PE 4440
Food and Wine Economics
PE 4450
Politics of Gender & Sexuality
PE 4455
Economic Development
PE 4470
History of Economic Thought I
PE 4580
Origins of Capitalist Econ
PE 4590
Global Economy in 20th Century
PE 4609
Public Administration
PE 4620
Political & Social Thought
PE 4650
Topics: Politics of Protest
PE 4655
Constitutional Law & Politics
PE 4658
Law & Civil Liberties
PE 4659
Law & Civil Rights
PE 4660
Pol of India and South Asia
PE 4665
Human Rights
PE 4690
Politics of Lat Amer/Caribbean
PE 5990
PE 9970
N.Y. State Gov't Internship
PE 9990
Independent Study-PE
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