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BUS 101
Introduction to Business
BUS 207
Financial Literacy
BUS 215
Principles of Management
BUS 223
Marketing I
BUS 226
Business Law
BUS 256
Business Communications
BUS 304
Engineering Management
BUS 307
Catalyze Klamath
BUS 308
Prin of International Business
BUS 313
Health Care Systems & Policy
BUS 314
Entrepreneurship I
BUS 316
Total Quality in Health Care
BUS 317
Health Care Management
BUS 318
Marketing II
BUS 319
Integrated Marketing Comm.
BUS 331
Personal Finance
BUS 335
Entrepreneurship II
BUS 337
Princ of Health Care Marketing
BUS 345
Fraud Examination
BUS 349
Human Resource Management I
BUS 356
Business Presentations
BUS 399
Marketing Special Topics
BUS 407
Senior Project
BUS 441
Leadership I
BUS 442
Leadership II
BUS 447
Controversial Issues in Mgmt
BUS 456
Business Research Methods
BUS 457
Business Research Methods II
BUS 467
Service Management
BUS 478
Strategic Management
BUS 495
Senior Project Proposal
BUS 496
Senior Project
BUS 497
Senior Project
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