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WRITUH 1114 - FYWS: Contextualizing Travel Narratives

(Formerly WRIT-AD 154)How do travel narratives help us know what we think we know about other cultures? Travel narratives, which have historically provided crucial information about faraway places, have also participated, often unknowingly, in the creation of persistent stereotypes about the cultures depicted. In order to understand the origins and influence of such representations and stereotyping, we will carefully examine the context and impact of travel narratives. By closely analyzing films, plays, prose, and travelogues that share a narrative theme of journeying into foreign territories we look into where preconceived notions about others originate. Informed by Edward Saïd’s influential theory on orientalism--as well as by postcolonial, cultural and gender studies--we will explore how power imbalances might influence the way in which cultural encounters are depicted and how such attitudes might shape our own interpretations of texts. The central locus of inquiry for this First-Year Writing Seminar is the question of travel narratives’ completeness, trustworthiness, and impact as visual and textual representations of other cultures. Students will pursue these questions through three academic papers written in connection to the three geographical regions we examine – the Middle East, China, and Africa. Each section includes colonial-era texts as well as more contemporary ones, also by writers native to the region, allowing students to compare depictions from different cultures and perspectives while simultaneously being asked to engage their own point of view. Add Consent: Instructor Consent Required. Drop Consent: Instructor Consent Required.
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