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THEAUT 666 - Performing Objects: Practicum

None Class Notes: Puppets: Metaphor, Psychology and SlapstickPuppetry has been used as a teaching aid, a form of psychotherapy, a means of political activism and has been the subject of copious written works regarding autonomy and freedom. It has even been argued, though perhaps somewhat ironically, that puppets are superior to humans as actors and dancers. In Puppets: Metaphor, Psychology and Slapstick we will link the conceptual aspects of puppetry with a practiced physical component. By pairing visual and written research with puppetry workshops in the various forms of puppetry students will explore why a puppet is able to do things a person wouldn't dare do and why it's funny when one puppet hits another one with a giant stick. Instructor: Erik SankoDrama Majors Only (Theatre Studies B).
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