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PUBB1GC 3140 - Media Consumer Marketing and Audience Development

This course explores how magazine media brands build their audience and the strategies that drive Consumer Marketing within publishing organizations. Students will learn about the ever-changing media landscape, how to effectively reach the consumers, and how to develop the right marketing mix to maximize audience reach, composition, and revenue. The class will cover tactics in executing successful 360° marketing campaigns – from ideation and execution to analysis and CRM. Understanding the tools and technologies used by marketers today will be an important part of the class curriculum. There will be guest speakers, case studies, and group discussions throughout the semester. Prerequisite: PUBB1-GC 1200 Introduction to Marketing and Branding. Class Notes: OPEN TO PUBL STUDENTS ONLY.Prerequisite: PUBB1-GC 1200 Introduction to Marketing and Branding. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite for PUBB1-GC 3140.
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