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PUBB1GC 3110 - Book Sales and Merchandising

Editorial, marketing, publicity and management all rely upon an expert Sales division. In this course, students will learn the interconnectivity of the sales team with all major divisions of a publishing house, and how the marketplace viability of a potential acquisition must pass the test of the sales department’s scrutiny. Students will also learn how to evaluate a book by reviewing every aspect of the Title Information Sheet. Because sales feedback on the developmental stages of a book is critical, we will explore how Sales influences the timing, pricing, format and positioning of every book. Students will learn to evaluate effective sales campaigns across multiple markets including major retail chains, online retailers, independent bookstores, mass merchandisers, specialty retailers, mail order catalogues, price clubs, and international customers, as well accompanying merchandising plans. Students will act as publishers, pitching the book to a sales team, as well as acting as a major house sales rep, pitching the book to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Class Notes: OPEN TO PUBL STUDENTS ONLY.Prerequisite: PUBB1-GC 1200 Introduction to Marketing and BrandingClass will not meet on Wednesday 03/04/20. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite for PUBB1-GC 3110.
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