MPAPEGE 2042 - The Art of Piano: Pedagogy and Practice II

Course is designed to trace the dominant traditions in contemporary American piano pedagogy. Focuses on the philosophies, methods, & techniques associated with major pedagogues including Heinrich Neuhaus , Konstantin Igumnov, Alexander Brailowsky, Vladimir Horowitz, Sascha Gorodnitzki, Adele Marcus , Clifford Curzon, Beveridge Webster, Rudolf Firkušný, Leonard Stein, & David Burge. Students will examine the lasting influence of Artur Schnabel & Ferruccio Busoni on American pedagogy. Students will perform a final solo recital & produce a statement of teaching philosophy. Class Notes: Restricted to graduate students in the Advanced Certificate in Piano Performance and Pedagogy program. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisite for MPAPE-GE 2042.
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