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MKTGGB 2313 - The Craft and Commerce of Cinema: Cannes Film Festival

This is a specialized EMT course designed to provide students with a framework for understanding the dynamics of the film industry including the complete process from crafting the idea for a film script hiring or becoming a producer financing the project selling it to a studio or independent production company building a team production elements post production including music acquisition marketing distribution and exhibition international and domestic The course includes learning about distribution and exhibition marketing and building audience awareness research applications international licensing and preparation for career in the industry It is offered during spring break and involves a trip to the west coast In addition to tuition students have to pay travel and living expenses. Class Notes: By Application Only: To apply see syllabus. This course meets on select Thursdays please see syllabus for additional information. Add Consent: Department Consent Required. Drop Consent: Department Consent Required. Enrollment Requirements: Co-requisites: MBA student & MKTG-GB 2119 & COR1-GB 2310.Not open to students with more than 24 MKTG-GB units.
Entertainment, Media & Technology Global Business Marketing Focused MBA Alumni IMP Langone (Continuing) and APC MBA1 MBA2 Non-Stern
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