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MKTGGB 2150 - Social Media & Mobile Technologies

This course is designed to provide managers with a framework for understanding and succeeding in the social media space. The course covers trends in the industry and foundational pieces including but not limited to: social business, social features analytics, sustainability. In this course you will learn the basic concepts, terms, and principles that apply to the social media industry, analyze the activities of the leading social media companies and applications through articles, case studies, and lectures to become familiar with key strategic issues across all the social media sectors and gain an understanding of and appreciation for the challenges involved in managing social media products. The final project is designed to give you an opportunity to use multiple perspectives to improve a company's social media strategy or social business culture. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: Full-time MBA. Co-requisite: COR1-GB 2310.Prerequisites: Focused MBA. Co-requisite: COR1-GB 2110.Prerequisites: Part-time MBA and COR1-GB 2310.Not open to students with more than 24 MKTG-GB units.
Digital Marketing Entertainment, Media & Technology Marketing Product Management Focused MBA Alumni IMP Langone (Continuing) and APC MBA1 MBA2
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