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MKTGGB 2123 - Deal Making and Business Development in Media

This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the business development and deal-making process in the media space, using television content as the primary example for what goes into cutting a deal. The course explores the deal process from the perspective of the different players in media, focusing on how each player looks to maximize value. Students will learn the process of striking a deal, from business development, to the term sheet phase, to the negotiation process and the contractual agreements. The process will be evaluated in the context of the factors that play into reaching an agreement, such as exclusivity, windowing, multi-platform rights and timing. Students will learn about negotiations strategies for maximizing value in media, identifying common issues in the deal process and effective paths to resolution. Enrollment Requirements: Prerequisites: Full-time MBA. Co-requisite: COR1-GB 2310.Prerequisites: Focused MBA. Co-requisite: COR1-GB 2110.Prerequisites: Part-time MBA and COR1-GB 2310.Not open to students with more than 24 MKTG-GB units.
Entertainment, Media & Technology Marketing Focused MBA Alumni IMP Langone (Continuing) and APC MBA2 Non-Stern
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