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None Class Notes: SAME AS AHSEM-249. Language and Power in Colonial and PostColonial Latin AmericaThis seminar takes as its starting point the notion that “language is never neutral.” We will examine how individuals, communities, states, and institutions use language – written and spoken – in ways that both encode or reflect and at times challenge established power structures, dominant narratives, and linguistic and social hierarchies in Latin America fromcolonial through postcolonial times. We begin by exploring language as a ‘technology’ ofconquest, colonization and evangelization, as well as one of the many criteria used to markdifference in Latin America. Our readings and discussions will concentrate on indigenous,African, and multi-ethnic actors who employed a wide range of linguistic practices – alphabetic,pictorial, tactile, and oral – as they moved between and bridged distinct linguistic ‘worlds,’frequently in ways that were unsettling for colonial officials. Next, we examine how languageideologies shaped projects of nation building, notions of identity, citizenship and belonging, andconceptions of race in fledgling Latin American nations. Key themes include education, printmedia and technologies of mass communication, indigenous and social movements, andlinguistic and human rights. Finally, we explore how global circulations and transnational powerrelations impact the linguistic practices, choices and possibilities of Latin American communitiesat home and beyond. Enrollment Requirements: Restr for LATC -UA 600.
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