JOURSHU 201T - Mixed Media Writing: Radio and Television

This course both introduces students to basic radio journalism, television journalism and podcast techniques and challenges those techniques. How has the digital revolution been transforming what we are now calling audio and video journalism? How can these forms continue to improve? Students will be presented with examples ranging from Edward R. Murrow’s seminal television documentary, Harvest of Shame, to installments of such pathbreaking radio programs as This American Life and Radio Lab, to experimental work such as Jorge Furtado’s Brazilian documentary, Island of the Flowers. Students will also be asked to share their own examples of effective audio and video journalism in a variety of styles, from a variety of countries. Readings, too, will be used as examples of what journalism has accomplished and might accomplish. This will be a hands-on course. Students will have an opportunity to produce their own audio and video journalism in traditional and nontraditional styles.No prerequisites.
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