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IDSEMUG 9254 - Fashion, Culture & the Body

This is a course that explores the relationship between ideas, the body andthe way that fashion can be understood to mediate between the two. Througha range of disciplines and media this course considers the body as anaspect of not only medical and scientific exploration, but crucially as avital element of culture and society. Bodies affect the ways in which thesocial world and power relations are organized, and they even arguablycondition the way that we understand reality itself. Our physical form isconstantly shaped according to both philosophies and fashions. Body idealsand broader ideals often interrelate strongly through bodily practices andwith what we wear. There are meanings and fashions in all bodily forms(skinny, buxom, muscular, ideas of 'whiteness') and body practices(dieting, hair management, cleansing rituals, plastic surgery and genitalcutting).Over the sessions, we will take a conceptual approach to fashion, as astrident condition of modern life, that incorporates politics, science andaesthetics and we will closely read a number of cultural texts against anumber of theoretical models. Attitudes towards the body can vary widelyaccording to historical period, and this course will explore how, indifferent moments, and via different media, we have been preoccupied withthe aesthetics of different body zones, with displaying identity (gender,class and ethnicity), and also with power. Different cultural forms(literary, visual, material etc) will provide the focus of our discussionsas they all engage with the different ways that we make meaning out of ourbodies. Students will be invited to investigate in their written work settexts from class in addition to primary material of their own choice. Class Notes: Please note that students accepted to the Gallatin Fashion in London Program will be given registration priority for this course. Students in this program take all three Gallatin Fashion courses (Fashion, Culture & the Body, History of British Fashion, & Global Fashion Industry: Britain).All other students may attempt to enroll in this course starting at their assigned registration appointment times, space permitting.
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